AvenueE UC Davis Application Process

Congratulations on gaining admission to UC Davis! We applaud your hard work towards this important milestone and would be honored to have you as a UC Davis AvenueE community member. AvenueE is a community of support for engineering and computer science transfer students. We work with you to ease the transition from community college and connect you to information, resources, and supportive individuals that will help you make the most of your undergraduate experience. 

If selected for participation in AvenueE, you will begin your journey with Transfer Bridge, a two-week transition experience before the start of the academic year. During Transfer Bridge, you will connect with a cohort of transfer students before starting your first quarter at UC Davis. Together, you will participate in academic enrichment activities, access a broad range of mentors, receive educational guidance and professional development, and participate in community-building activities that will strengthen your familiarity with the UC Davis community. 

Following Transfer Bridge, AvenueE continues throughout the academic year with the following Participation Expectations:

  • Engage in weekly connection meetings during your first year at UC Davis and monthly connection meetings during your second year.  
  • Maintain good academic standing
  • Meet quarterly with the program advisor 
  • Maintain ongoing communication with your assigned industry or faculty mentor industry or faculty mentor
  • Benefit from academic support services such as tutoring, resource sharing, and targeted academic advising 
  • Reach out to instructors, counselors, and AvenueE staff about challenges that may impact your academic success
  • Apply for Financial Aid by completing the FAFSA or Dream Act application by the deadline, and actively applying for scholarships.

Application Requirements

To be considered for AvenueE, you must apply by May 19, 2024. Click here to apply.

Candidate Selection

A strong candidate will:

  • Meet all eligibility criteria
  • Have engaged in extracurricular involvement in STEM-related organizations or programs and/or diversity initiatives
  • Provide thoughtful and well-written essay responses that discuss:
    • 1) Why you would like to participate in AvenueE and how the program will facilitate your degree attainment
    • 2) How you have demonstrated your commitment or potential for leadership to positively impact and eliminate barriers that prevent the full participation of underrepresented groups­ Native/American Indian, Black/African American, Latinx/Chicanx, and women-in engineering and computer science. What experiences have you had that contribute to your potential for leadership in this area?
  • You must be available to participate in Transfer Bridge, a two-week (partially residential) program between August 30 and September 14.

Please contact AvenueE@ucdavis.edu if you have questions about AvenueE and/or the application process.