Early Community College


Early Community College Benefits

Who qualifies for benefits while in community college?

Students from participating community college districts (Los Rios, Peralta, San Joaquin Delta, and Contra Costa) who are in their second to last year at community college and are planning to major in Engineering or Computer Science can apply to participate in AvenueE.

Upon joining AvenueE at community college, students are eligible for:

  • Pre-TAG advising
  • MESA, Beacon, and like opportunities
  • UC TAP (Transfer Admission Planner) assistance and advising
  • Participation in regular cohort connection meetings is required
  • A no-cost Summer Study experience, Aggie Transfer Scholars Weekend (ATSW) at UC Davis 
    • ATSW is a short residential experience at UC Davis where students will receive intensive transfer preparation for meeting admission requirements, connect to various campus resources that support student success, and experience campus life and being an Aggie.
Students will participate in the ATSW program the summer before entering the final year at community college. At this time students will receive guidance for submitting a TAG application, and will continue to engage with AvenueE at community college.