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Student Spotlight: Zak Staub

Zak Staub became inspired to study mechanical and aerospace science and engineering, but AvenueE transformed his UC Davis experience and helped him prepare to graduate this spring, 2023. 

“AvenueE has been a great experience for me as a transfer student at Davis. It has been a program with a great group of people who have provided wonderful resources and support, allowing me to be succeed at Davis. It has prepared me for the career fairs where I was able to land my internship with the Airforce.” 

Engineering AvenueE

“We believe deeply in our studentsʼ intellect and capacity, and sometimes they just need a little bit of help to realize their potential,” said Yesenia Cervantes-Tucker, director of AvenueE. “We believe that cultivating a diverse STEM workforce is possible, and programs like AvenueE are making a difference in this space.”

Student Spotlight: Nadiyah Helal

The Civil Engineering Senior Scholarship was established in 2015 and given annually to an outstanding Civil Engineering Senior. This year's recipient for the scholarship is Nadiyah Helal who is a civil engineering major (ECIV) and transfer student from Sacramento City College. Nadiyah is expecting to graduate from UC Davis in spring 2023. Congratulations Nadiyah!

Wrap Up: Transfer Bridge 2021

The Transfer Bridge Program is an extended orientation program for the incoming AvenueE cohort at UC Davis. The 2021 orientation took place from August 30th through September 10th.

This program offers incoming transfer students an in-depth opportunity to become familiar with the UC Davis community prior to starting their first quarter. During this time, students can receive academic guidance and professional development, as well as build connections to faculty, advisors and other students.

Student Spotlight: Nicole Shuman

Fourth-year materials science and engineering (MSE) major Nicole Shuman found materials science as a returning college student is determined to use her knowledge to inspire others through outreach, teaching and mentorship. Shuman started her career managing a multimillion-dollar big box retail company in the Los Angeles area. After 15 years, she moved to the Sacramento area for a job, but it fell through, and she found herself missing the connections she had and looking for a new opportunity.

AvenueE receives Inspiring Programs in STEM award

The UC Davis College of Engineering’s AvenueE program received an Inspiring Programs in STEM Award from INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine for its success in recruiting and retaining women and underrepresented students in engineering and computer science.

Investing in the Future

Mechanical engineering student Eunbee Park ’19, computer science and engineering student Max Nedorezov ‘19 and civil engineering students Claudia Plascencia ’19 and Tadewos Getachew ’19 are just a few of the students at University of California, Davis, who have the chance to achieve their dreams thanks to the growing AvenueE program.

Sowing the Seeds of Diversity in Engineering

Here at the University of California, Davis, we’ve partnered with Chevron and the Koret Foundation to launch AvenueE, a community college transfer program designed to eliminate barriers that hold back women and underrepresented minorities in engineering and computer science. The program serves high potential, low resource students from families in which neither parent holds a bachelor’s degree.