Why Give To AvenueE

Helping Tomorrow's Leaders in Engineering and Computer Science Forge Paths to Success

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Right now, our country's future engineering and computer science leaders are charting their paths through community college. These students are highly diverse, innovative thinkers who can improve the world.   

With the partnership of supporters who share our vision of diversifying and advancing STEM industries, Avenue is modeling what it means to promote access to opportunity at every stage in a student's trajectory, from community college to professional careers. Through uniquely holistic, individualized support, we foster the academic and social equity that make it possible for tomorrow's STEM talent to reach their greatest potential.  

The UC Davis AvenueE model was created in 2017 by the UC Davis STEM strategies team within the Office of the Provost. It amplifies transfer student success by providing academic, financial, and wraparound support that helps eliminate barriers to enrolling and thriving at a four-year university. Making a seamless transfer from community college to a four-year university can be a complex and costly, but comprehensive support can make all the difference, particularly for low-resource students. 

Jacqueline Arroyo Donjuan
Jacqueline "Jackie" Arroyo Donjuan

 I have gained so much support from AvenueE, and I would not be in the academic and professional position that I am in today without them. AvenueE has facilitated my access to multiple resources such as tutoring, success coaching, counseling, guest speakers, internship and scholarship opportunities. They connected me with students who share similar goals, experiences, and struggles as me, who I am now close friends with and share classes with. They have been the community support that I needed during this academic journey - Jacqueline "Jackie" Arroyo Donjuan, 23'