Student Life

Wrap Up: Transfer Bridge 2021

The Transfer Bridge Program is an extended orientation program for the incoming AvenueE cohort at UC Davis. The 2021 orientation took place from August 30th through September 10th.

This program offers incoming transfer students an in-depth opportunity to become familiar with the UC Davis community prior to starting their first quarter. During this time, students can receive academic guidance and professional development, as well as build connections to faculty, advisors and other students.

Student Spotlight: Nicole Shuman

Fourth-year materials science and engineering (MSE) major Nicole Shuman found materials science as a returning college student is determined to use her knowledge to inspire others through outreach, teaching and mentorship. Shuman started her career managing a multimillion-dollar big box retail company in the Los Angeles area. After 15 years, she moved to the Sacramento area for a job, but it fell through, and she found herself missing the connections she had and looking for a new opportunity.